Loved this, Kelly. Good to hear I'm not the only one fascinated by minimalism. About once a year, I bring up the idea of selling everything and permanently living in an RV to my wife. Haven't convinced her yet.

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‘This book saved me, and it may save you one day, too.’ <-this hits for me about various things, books, music, movies, etc.

This is an awesome fucking essay, Kelly. You're a great storyteller. 💙

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"I will always be a work in progress." Loved this essay, Kelly.

On the topic of minimalism, I just purged my apartment which did make space for mental freedom. But now I find myself asking "what do I do with all this mental space"?

You are inspiring me to find my pioneers, learn from their journeys, and reflect on my own.

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My personalized words said something like “I hope this book is helpful,” which translates to, ‘This book saved me, and it may save you one day, too.’ --- this! This I want to inscribe in every “self help” book I give or recommend to someone. Beautiful essay capturing the journey into self help and self discovery!

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It was a delightful read, Kelly. So vivid and poetic. I could see that black and white cover book sitting with other colorful books on the shelf. :)

I am fascinated with the idea of minimalism. Sometimes I want to live life with a suitcase, traveling the world and exploring my curiosities. Less stuff, more mobility.

We recently moved into a new place and have only two sofas in a large living room. Sometimes I think about adding a dining table, but the idea of filling that sunny, bright, ample space with furniture haunts me.

We take our food and sit on the floor. It feels so good. Less stuff and more space protect my energy packets for better usage.

It was a pleasant read. :)

Thanks for sharing.

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Tell me more about Brene Brown @Kelly. I’m writing a vulnerable piece , and want to know - what you got out of her work.

Best, Leo

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Love this! Appreciate your vulnerability here. Therapy has helped me to grow so much, and encouraging others on their personal growth journey is the main reason I started a Substack!

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It's okay not to know

I will always be a work in progress.

It's taken me a lifetime to get to this truism. Great essay Kelly. Don't know how I missed it when it was originally published

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"Not willing to admit there was any glimmer of I-don’t-have-my-shit-together, like an imposter adult. And certainly not willing to admit that I was incapable of figuring out the next obstacle." - such sheer vulnerability that hit home for me. i remember the first time i decided to read a non-fiction book; my older brother prescribed the 4-hour work week (shocker) to me when i wanted to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle and transition out of the restaurant industry. sooo many books have challenged my perspectives, encouraged my growth, and motivated me to keep moving. keep the book recs comin!

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